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SIC Card is a one-year-travel insurance for 5-30 years old fans of travels and sports. Isured by SIC, cen get many discounts all over Poland.

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Medical expences obejmują zachorowania COVID-19

Medical expences

Medical expences - necessary from a medical point of view and documented medical expenced of the Insured, who during his international trip had to use a medical treatment as a resoult of sudden illnes or personal accident.

60 000 EUR 60 000 EUR 60 000 EUR
Personal Accident (health detritment)

Permanent health detriment

1) In case of 100% damage to the health – full sum specified in the insurance contract will be paid.

2) In case of permanent partial damage to the health – the Insured receives compensation which is equal to the such percentage of the sum insured in which he/she suffered prejudice. the degree of permanent health damage is determined by doctors appointed by SIGNAL IDUNA, on the basis of the Percentage table of benefits under permanent damage to health.

15 000 PLN 20 000 PLN 20 000 PLN
Personal Accident (death due to the personal accident)

In the case of the death

Benefits in case of the death caused by personal accident (if it will happen during two years of its date) – full sum specified in the insurance contract will be paid.

10 000 PLN 15 000 PLN 15 000 PLN
Third party liability

Third party liability

The insurance covers the liability of the Insured in the private life during the international trip for personal and property damages done to the third party; acc. to the law of the country the Insured is staying at he/she is obliged to recover the loss.

30 000 EUR 50 000 EUR 50 000 EUR


Depending on chosen variant:

Amateur practising of sport - practising sport exclusively to keep fit or regenerate, for recreational purposes or as a form of active leisure.

Winter sports - practising downhill, cross-country skiing or snowboarding on marked ski runs for recreational purposes.

High-risk sports - sports such as horseback riding, polo, hunting, paintball, diving with the use of breathing apparatus (scuba diving equipment), ship wreck and cave diving, freediving, sailing, rafting or other water sports practised on mountain rivers, fight sports, any kind of defence arts (if not practised for record-seeking purposes).

Competetive sports - a form of physical activity consisting of practising sports disciplines in order to achieve, by competition, the optimum sports results, by persons being members of sports clubs, sections, associations or organisations, as well as participation in competitions, events, tournaments or training camps.

Amatour sport amatour sports
winter sports
high risk sports
amatour sports
winter sports
high risk sports
competitive sports
Premium 74,00 PLN 111,00 PLN 136,00 PLN

Variant World Basic insurance

Variant World Sport Worldwide protection
for the active people

Variant World Sport Plus Insurance for the persons doing competitive sport.

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All persons covered by the insurance agreement are staying in the country of domicile.